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Improve performance and prevent injury

We work to build your awareness of proper bio-mechanics that increase efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to rise to your best performance level while minimizing injury through stress on muscles and joints.

Increase flexiblity, strength, and range of motion

A system designed to strengthen and stretch muscles simultaneously, decompress joints, add suppleness to your spine, and allow you to move from a stronger, controlled center.

Enhance social and emotional intelligence

The Ishangi Method® incorporates The Enneagram of Somatic Intelligence, to master the social and emotional dynamics of movement as pioneered by legendary dancer, choreographer and scholar Katherine Dunham.


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Incorporate healthy, effective movement into your daily life


We strive to achieve educational goals, develop and manage successful careers, insure financial security, and nurture successful relationships, so that we may live life on terms that we define. Physical health, strength, endurance, and flexibility assist us in doing just that.

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