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Studio Packages

Our Commitment:

We approach our work knowing that each individual, each body, is unique and we strive to bring forth the balance and harmony that will let it's unique beauty be realized.

Enhanced athletic or creative performance, recovery from illness, injury, a period of inactivity, or simply a desire for the improved quality of life that proper physical alignment and body mechanics guarantees,

"We will work with you to bring dramatic changes to your life and your lifestyle".


The Ishangi Institute
of dance and movement science

Dance Coaching


Level 1

This package is to train dancers to work with various somatic practices that teach musculature efficiency so that their muscles are balanced and not over worked or distressed as they dance. This knowledge will help prevent injury and extend the artists dance life.

Level 2

This package is divided between understanding somatic practices that support a balanced, efficient dancing body with how to apply these skills in the dancers studio studies.




This is a 3 week series meeting once a week for 3 consecutive weeks to explore and enhance your studio training. Clients may choose to take it to sample something new. Group Classes



These classes are ongoing and open to the community at large

TII Workshops


Specialty Workshops


  • Inspired By Dunham

  • Personality and Movement

  • Sur le pointe sans limite


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Movement Coaching


Level 1

This package is for anyone who wants to incorporate healthy efficient movement into their lives as well as athletes wanting to improve ability and performance. Various somatic practices that regenerate, rejuvenate and strengthen the body are applied to meet the clients individual needs.

Level 2

Once clients have completed the Signature Program an opportunity to become autonomous in their studio practice can began. This series prepares participants for Self-TrainingIn these sessions clients will be taught how to utilize the equipment for their needs as well as learning a specific program for their current goals/objectives. 3 session minimum 

Level 3

These sessions are for persons who have fully comprehended equipment etiquette and use in addition to memorizing exercises designed specifically for their goals. Clients with this series will set up appointments to work autonomously in the studio though someone will always be present to supervise and/or assist you during your session.


Persons with this program can access online tutorials/information, the journaling site and attend group classes at no additional cost. This package includes one free Maintenance Training session. 9 session maximum; after which time clients must have their Maintenance Training session in order to purchase their next series of 9 sessions.


Franklin Method™ Series


  • These sessions will explore healthy movement of the body. Each series will focus on one body part.

  • These sessions will meet once a week for 3 weeks.

  • Each month a new series is offered.

  • Partipants will learn healthier ways to move their body, reduce stress and injury. 

  • This is a great supplement to any physical activity one might already partake.

  • Participants will receive the accessory equipment (FM balls and band) for these classes

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