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Fouettés and Sautés and Pirouettes, Oh My!

Dancers want multiple pirouettes, exquisite balances, and jumps that seem to defy gravity. And we want them to be perfect. GYROTONIC® aids your studio studies in accomplishing all this and more.


It is a system designed to strengthen and stretch muscles simultaneously, decompress joints, add suppleness to your spine, and allow you to move from a stronger, controlled center.

I began my Gyrotonic experience with Master Trainer Anjali Austin while completing my MFA at Florida State University. When she asked me to be a “body” for a foundational training I thought, “Why not?” It would be a new way to get my body into shape and learn about a technique that many had raved about. I fell in love. Juliu Horvath—former dancer and creator of Gyrotonic—created a method of continuous, sustained movement that allows its practitioners to maintain a rhythmic sense of connection to their bodies. I felt like I was dancing, and continued practice increased my facility as a dancer.

This System brings into practice concepts that we, as dancers, can easily integrate into our dance discipline. Using the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower feels like dancing a pas de deux. The Pulley Tower aids you in connecting to your own core and internal sense of ryhthm. Like being in time with the music, dancers learn to dance with the machine, while gaining greater physical intelligence and alignment while performing.

Being grounded and centered was the first thing I noticed. I felt perfectly poised sur le demi pointe and began to understand the connection of balancing from head to toe—which lead to better pirouettes; my hip joint felt free and my rotation increased, which resulted in higher grand battements and increased turn out; and there was tremendous improvement in my spatial awareness—I could actually feel the space that surrounded me. This heightened sense allowed me to be more present and graceful in my upper body carriage.

In your port de bras, you will begin to feel the movement coming from your back and your arms carving out space; your head to tailbone connection will strengthen allowing for ease in both weighted and free flow upper body movement; you will mindfully bring elongation, balance and power to your craft.

If you have ever been told that you dance too small or that you need to lengthen your lines, try GYROTONIC®. If you have ever felt that your legs could be higher but you felt impeded in your execution, try GYROTONIC®. If you have felt that you wanted greater artistry in your performance, try GYROTONIC®.

Make your fouettés fabulous, your sautés soar, your relevés relevant and your pirouettes priceless.

Start your GYROTONIC® practice today with Kehinde Ishangi, New Orleans’ premier GYROTONIC® practitioner. Call for an appointment 504.410.7315​

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