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Workshops available at various locations.  Signup  for schedule updates. We do short residences bring us to your school or studio

Workshops and Training 


Inspired by Dunham

This workshop was inspired by the work of internationally renowned scholar, activist, and artist Katherine Dunham and co-created with Dr RaShon of the Ishangi Institute. 

The Dunham Technique began as an exploration of how western trained dancers could relate to, participate in, and articulate the authenticity of another’s culture by developing control, strength and self- awareness.

By combining elements of the Dunham Technique with movement from GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® we will explore how to access our authentic personal power.

1. Gain awareness and acceptance of your unique rhythm

2. Increase your rhythmic strength and capacity

3. Experience how to sustain your rhythm within the group dynamic

Whether you are a dancer, an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or simply an individual who appreciates the gift that is our human form, learn to move with effortless power and grace.


​Sur La Pointe Sans Limite

The Ishangi Method of Integral Pointe Conditioning™​​

​Join The Ishangi Institute of Dance and Movement Science for this 4 hour workshop. The Ishangi Method of Integral Pointe Conditioning™ is an innovative process of preparing the whole body for fluid, graceful pointe articulation.

Created by Kehinde Ishangi—dancer, choreographer, educator, and movement scientist—The Ishangi Method™ combines the latest advancements in bio-mechanics, a reenvisioned ballet body asthetic and cutting edge somatic technologies to help you make your relevés relevant, your pirouettes priceless, and your fouettés fabulous.

Go from the Corps de ballet to extreme developpé.


The Enneagram of Personality  &  Movement

The Enneagram is an ancient map of consciousness that provides a key to understanding the thoughts, feelings, motivation and behavior that create your personality. When combined with mediative movement processes you can awaken and align the energy centers of the subtle body. This provides the means for deep exploration, discovery, release and realignment of the whole person to enhance movement. Developed by Dr RaShon of the Ishangi Institute and Kehinde Ishangi—we call this process EnneaDance™.

1. Explore Head, Heart and Body Centers (also referred to as Thinking, Feeling, and Doing)—The Enneagrams Three Centers of Intelligence
2. Discover and awaken all three centers through meditative movement
3. Know through which center you process, which center you interpret, which is on auto-pilot, and which is off-line.
4. Learn how to quickly shift and restore your energy

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