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The Ishangi Institute


// SEPTEMBER. 24, 2024
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Go Further Than You Ever Thought Possible:
Discover the Rewards of The Ishangi Method


Advance Your Career with Private Coaching Targeted to Your Specific Goals


Dancers want multiple pirouettes, exquisite balances, and jumps that seem to defy gravity. And we want them to be perfect. Whatever your goals, we will help you get there with The Ishangi Method™our unique brand of coaching aimed at the serious performer.


Short-Term Intensive Curriculums to Compliment Your Dance School Training


NOCD is not a dance academy. We compliment the artists’ training and education through our unique form of coaching to help elevate you to the next level of performance.



Combine Enhanced Artistry with Superior Technique


Dancers are athletes as well as artist. A harmonious combination of the talents and skills from both areas performed with grace and beauty is what lights up stages around the world and brings audiences to their feet.

Uncover the Unique Gifts and Talents That Will Get You Noticed


As cultures and societies evolve so do the ways in which we express and present our art. Each artist comes with unique gifts, talents, and perceptions. New looks. New forms. New approaches. They add richness to the art. And it's this richness that gets noticed.


At NOCD we are dedicated to honoring the various traditions of dance while creating space for constant evolution. We work with each student to uncover, explore and enhance their uniqueness as they learn the foundational elements of the form.



Performance, Auditon & Competition Preparation


Learn the secrets of the competition world and the audition studio. Bring character, subtlety, and depth to each performance to increase your artistry and further your career.

The Latest Technologies in
Dance and Movement Science Condition and Protect Your Body


The Ishangi Method™ is a pedagogy that makes proper conditioning and the intelligent exploration of  movement an integral part of the dancers training. In this way, we develop artists who are able to bring head, heart, and body to their performance creating memorable experiences for their audiences and creative productive lives for themselves . 


Uniquely applying the technologies of  GYROTONIC™, GYROKINESIS™, Franklin Method™, Pilates, and other innovative whole body processes such as The Enneagram of Somatic Intelligence, The Ishangi Method™ seeks to continue the tradition of dance excellence.

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